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RASDEG also offers restricted memberships to allow non-member riders to join us for a day. Please contact the club for more details.


2016 RASDEG Champions


Prep Champion GOLDEN HALO Ellen Heit
Prep Res Champ WELTS LUCIEN Emma-jane Churchill
Prelim Champion QUATERBELLA K Ashleigh Urban
Prelim Res Champ HANLEY PARK VUITTON Olivia Pennisi
Novice Champion Notte Del Vino Simone Ousby
Novice Res Champ JP MAESTRO Yvette Vlies
Elem Champion BEECHWOOD FRANCILLO Ashley Pryde
Elem Res Champ BROADWAY KING Warren Sturgess
Medium Champion DICAVALLI DAVINCI Racheal Spring
Medium Res Champ BELUGA Ashley Pryde

2016 Leaderboard Awards

Prep Young Rider Champ GOLDEN HALO Ellen Heit
Prep Senior Champ WELTS LUCIEN Emma-jane Churchill
Prep Pony Champ FARLEIGH FIREFLY Olivia Pennisi
Prelim Young Rider Reserve CLEOPATRA S.T. Samantha Sterling
Prelim Young Rider Champ QUATERBELLA K Ashleigh Urban
Prelim Senior Champ ARIA REIN Luisa Cox
Prelim Senior Reserve HANLEY PARK VUITTON Olivia Pennisi
Prelim Senior 3rd place TALIRO ALKIRRA Lisette Mocke
Prelim Pony Champ ELMAAS ASHTON Ashleigh Urban
Prelim Junior Champ CORTESE ANGELO Emma Clinton
Novice Senior Champ NOTTE DEL VINO Simone Ousby
Elem Senior Champ LEO Wendy Tidbold
Elem Pony Champ OAK PARK TEMPT ME Emelia Phillips
Elem Senior Reserve BROADWAY KING Warren Sturgess

2016 RASDEG Awards

2016 Pony Award FARLEIGH FIREFLY - Olivia Pennisi
2016 Junior Award Ashleigh Urban
2016 Senior Award Ashley Pryde
2016 Masters Award Lisette Mocke
Wendy Tidbold Award Christine Smith
Presidents Award Jan & Warren Sturgess
Encouragement Dana Phelps
Encouragement Nathan Harvey
Special Thank You Ruby Fuller
Special Thank You Judy Gannon

Gold Club

Like all good clubs, we are only as good as our helpers and volunteers.

When you join or re-join RASDEG, we ask you to nominate a competition day for which you contribute to the running of your club as a non-riding volunteer. Upon completing your volunteering at an event, you will become a member of the GOLD CLUB. Being a member of the Gold Club entitles you to cheaper entry fees for RASDEG events, and eligible for the Gold Club Trophies.

We hope you will be generous with your time to help the success of our events.

Gold Club Trophies

There are three categories, at which the highest level achieved would receive a trophy.

Qualifiers Bronze Silver Gold
Prep/Prelim/Novice % 55 – 59.9 60 – 64.9 65+
Elementary % 55 – 58.9 59 – 61.9 62+
Medium & Above % 55 – 57.9 58 – 59.9 60+

2016 Gold Club Trophy Winners

Prep Silver Emma-jane Churchill WELTS LUCIEN
Prep Silver Jill Strachan Miss Mani
Prep Silver Olivia Pennisi FARLEIGH FIREFLY
Prep Gold Ellen Heit GOLDEN HALO
Prelim Bronze Emma Clinton CORTESE ANGELO
Prelim Bronze Lisette Mocke TALIRO ALKIRRA
Prelim Bronze Toni Hinder ELMAAS ASHTON
Prelim Silver Lydia Henshaw CS APACHE LAWMAN
Prelim Gold Ashleigh Urban QUATERBELLA K
Prelim Gold Olivia Pennisi HANLEY PARK VUITTON
Prelim Gold Samantha Sterling CLEOPATRA S.T.
Novice Silver Ammie Gorton CHOCOLATE ROYALE
Novice Silver Brooke Hutchinson KALIMNAR DOMINEER
Novice Silver Simone Ousby Notte Del Vino
Novice Silver Warren Sturgess BROADWAY KING
Novice Silver Yvette Vlies JP MAESTRO
Elem Bronze Warren Sturgess BROADWAY KING
Elem Silver Ashleigh Urban SWING TIME CAZOO
Elem Silver Christine Smith FALKLAND SPIRIT
Elem Gold Ashley Pryde Beechwood Francillo
Elem Gold Emelia Phillips Oak Park Tempt Me
Elem Gold Wendy Tidbold LEO
Med Silver Ashley Pryde BELUGA