Rules for Using the Grounds

By joining RASDEG Inc you agree to abide by the rules governing the use of the grounds at the Redlands Horse and Pony Club at 190-262 Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, Thornlands 4164.

RASDEG shares the facilities with the RHPC, and we have agreed to the following:

  • RASDEG members with the appropriate insurance are able to ride at the grounds on Club competition days and also for social riding/training 7 days a week - with the strict exception that RASDEG members are not to use the grounds when the Redlands Pony Club are using the grounds and vice versa. A full calendar of Redlands Pony Club days is on the RASDEG calendar.

  • RASDEG members riding at the grounds on non scheduled days (that is an event on the RASDEG calendar or an event published by RASDEG) must hold Equestrian Queensland or PCAQ membership & display their membership card (or proof of other equivalent insurance) on your vehicle dashboard.

  • On official competition days, RASDEG members not entered on the day are not permitted to bring their horses to the grounds.

  • Helmets (as per Approved EA list) must be worn and correctly fastened whenever mounted on a horse on ANY part of the grounds.

  • The GATE must be kept closed when horses are on the grounds.

  • No horses are to be let roam free, either with a handler still on the grounds, or left alone.

  • No horse is to be left un-attended on the grounds without prior permission and GEOFF BAIN (Groundsman) BEING NOTIFIED.

  • There is no permanent agistment on the grounds. The grounds, stables and yards are for day use only, with the exception of emergency situations. (example: local flooding/fires.) Geoff Bain (Groundsman) is to be advised and given a contact number that is reachable 24 HRS in the event of an emergency. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.

  • All manure MUST be picked up from yards, stables, wash bays and grounds and removed or put in manure pile.

  • Permission to leave horse floats must be given from Wynnum Pony Club and name and contact number provided. NO RESPONSIBILITY WILL BE TAKEN BY WPC IN THE EVENT OF THEFT AND/OR DAMAGE TO A HORSE FLOAT LEFT ON THE GROUNDS. RASDEG members are to use the Booking Form held by the Caretaker if leaving floats on grounds.

  • Instructors who wish to use the grounds for coaching RASDEG members are required to submit their qualifications and insurance cover to RASDEG Executive for confirmation before instruction on the grounds.

  • Stallions are only permitted at RASDEG event or clinic days. Recreational access in not permitted. EA Stallion rules also apply where the stallion must display Green Discs on both sides of the horse at all times whilst on the grounds.

  • No dogs are allowed on the grounds on any competition days.

  • The fenced arena and round yard are for the use of all riders who are members of WPC and RASDEG. Riders are asked to limit their time in the dressage arena to half hour sessions if there are other riders waiting to the use arena. AT NO TIME SHOULD ANY RIDER EXPECT SOLE USE OF THE ENCLOSED DRESSAGE ARENA.

  • Members are able to wash their horses at the grounds after riding or events held on the grounds. Anyone using the water to wash their horses is asked to turn it off when not in use. Any manure on the wash bay cement is to be removed.

  • It is not acceptable for RASDEG or WPC members who are not riding or competing to come to the grounds for the sole purpose of washing their horse(s) and leaving. This is not acceptable and unfair to both Clubs regarding water use.

  • All members are currently able to use the lights at night if they wish. The cost of the lights is $5 per rider per horse. If lessons are being conducted on the grounds this does not mean that any person who is not having a lesson is entitled to ride free. If riding whilst lessons are being conducted you must pay. Payment for lights is to be given to Geoff Bain in an envelope with your name and date for Club records.

  • With the exception of approved competition days, AT NO TIME are RASDEG members to use SHOWJUMPING equipment.

  • Any members using the grounds shall do so in a manner that does not cause nuisance to nearby residents.

  • No alcohol to be consumed on the grounds when there are horses on the grounds.

  • Should you accidentally damage the grounds, facilities or shared equipment while at the grounds, please report the damage immediately to Geoff Bain (Groundsman) and as soon as possible to a member of the RASDEG Executive Committee so that we can discuss and arrange rectification. We also ask you similarly notify if you notice pre-existing damage.

  • Any person found to be not complying with these rules may be subject to membership cancellation, and no longer permitted to bring a horse onto the grounds.

Other Important Information when using the Grounds

  • The Men’s bathroom is always open. Please leave the facilities clean and tidy.
  • Horse Health Declarations must be completed for every visit. Leave it pinned to the notice board at the Club House.
  • Queensland Government regulations require you to maintain a movement record for all movements of your horse off your property.