Guidelines for Riders and Guests

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What to wear?

Members Days

Riders can wear either a Club Shirt or White / light coloured dressage shirt – must have sleeves. Any coloured Jods, and any colour saddlecloth.

Members & Participant Days

As above for members – Participant must wear dressage attire – as per the EA rules.

Official & Participant Days

Riders must wear dressage attire as per the EA rules

Themed Events

RASDEG hold a number of Themed events during the year. Examples: Pink My Ride. These type of events will provide details of what you can wear, and what the horse can wear on the day, and in the Ring. Check the Entry Flyers for details.

Standard Conditions of Entry

When you enter an event, you are expected to abide by the “Conditions of Entry”

These will differ slightly between Members vs Official events, so you should always read these carefully.


(Italic items examples: would vary depending on the event)

  • Members You WILL be allocated a job for the day. If you have not setup arenas, or pencilled before, we will show you how. If you are not prepared to do a job – DO NOT ENTER
  • The event is run in accordance with EA regulations.
  • It is the competitors responsibility to be familiar with all current rules and regulation.
  • Entry is via and late entries will NOT be accepted.
  • You must be a current financial member of RASDEG to ride at this event.
  • Riders who are under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times during the competition
  • Current ASA Helmet must be worn at all times while mounted on a horse, including warm up and parking areas. You may be required to provide proof your helmet is current AS/NZS 3838: 1998.
  • It is the competitors’ responsibility to present to gear check before each test.
  • Maximum two horses per rider and no more than 3 tests at 2 consecutive levels per horse.
  • Classes may be restricted to 25 riders and RASDEG members will be given preference.
  • Callers are permitted however competitors must make their own arrangements, RASDEG officials are not responsible for the organisation of callers.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted on the grounds
  • Scratchings will be accepted up to 9am of the day after the entries close. Refund of entry fees (less 50% administration costs) after that time NO refunds unless a Vet or Doctors certificate is supplied within 7 days of the event, with the date of the event covered by the certificate.
  • If the event is cancelled RASDEG may retain an administration fee of 30% of the total entry fee to cover costs incurred
  • Protests to be lodged with the appeal committee in writing and accompanied by $100 not later than half hour after the incident that gave rise to the protest.
  • It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure their equipment meets EA & safety regulations. If a competitor’s conduct or equipment in anyway compromises the safety of others, entry will be refused.
  • As per EA regulations, no electronic or ropeyards are permitted at any RASDEG competition.
  • Stallions must display Green disc’s on both sides of the horse & comply with EA recommendations regarding stallions at events.
  • All other awards will be presented at the completion of the day’s classes.
  • Ponies will not receive separate awards and will be judged with Horses.
  • Lunging may only take place behind the carpark or in the round – yard and NOT the warm up areas.
  • No More than 4 horses permitted in the SAND warm-up arena at any one time.
  • Test Sheets not collected can be posted at a cost of $2. Envelopes will be provided at the club house.
  • No spectators, strappers or family allowed onto warm-up arena or competition field. Signs will be posted for compliance
  • SMOKING – In compliance with regulations is only permitted in the fenced off area away from the canteen, play area and toilet facility. Please ensure your visitors know of this requirement. Smoking in the parking area is also not permitted.
  • The arenas will be open for familiarisation on Saturday after setup, and before 7.30 am on the Sunday of competition. Any manure during familiarisation MUST be removed before 7.30.
  • Use of yards is subject to being cleaned of all manure and hay. Manure to be placed in the manure pile, but NOT Hay.