Guidelines for Event Volunteers

Volunteers are essential to RASDEG events. We appreciate the assistance of all volunteers, and reward them with our Gold Club program. Examples of volunteer roles include:

  • Arena setup
  • Pencilling
  • Gear check
  • Hospitality (working the canteen or providing judges lunches)
  • Scoring
  • Score sheet collection

Club House Pack-up and Arena Pack up will be completed by all competitors before presentation of ribbons

Arena Setup

Arena setup usually occurs the day before an event. Setup volunteers meet at the grounds at the scheduled time and prepare the competition arenas for the following day.


Your effective and knowledgeable assistance will add to the rider’s appreciation of the test’s appraisal, help keep the ring running on time, and give you an insight into judging dressage tests.


Please read the test and be familiar with the letter positions around the arena, and the sequence of movements.

When the rider presents to the judge, record the correct number and details at the top of the sheet. Do this after the rider arrives, as it is possible riders may not be in the order expected, or may have replaced listed riders.

Mark the competitor on your time sheet.

For each numbered movement, the judge will give a mark out of ten, and usually a comment. It is crucial that you record each mark correctly, and this must take precedence over recording comments.

It is very important to write the judge’s comments exactly. Do not alter, re-word or re-interpret what the judge said.

If you have difficulty keeping pace with comments, write what you can. Wait until the end of the test before asking the judge to repeat comments.

Please do not talk to the judge, while judging is in progress, except to clarify a mark or movement. The judge will appreciate as little distraction as possible when marking the test.

Pencilling also takes priority over any other business, such as conferring with marshals, passing sheets to runners, or talking or texting on a mobile phone.

Make sure you write the numbers for marks clearly, the judge initials any alterations, and all movements have a mark.

At the end of the test, some judges will dictate the “Collectives” marks and comments. Others prefer to write them themselves.

The judge must sign each sheet on completion of the test.

Errors of Test/Course, Elimination

Mark errors with an asterisk (*) and EOT (error of test) or EOC (error of course) in the “Test” column, as instructed by the judge. Mark elimination with an “E” in the “Test” column.

You are only required to record - the scorers will deduct marks and add totals.

Abbreviations and Symbols

Dressage commonly uses a set of scribing symbols to assist in quickly recording judge’s comments.

Click here to download Scribing Symbols

Gear Check

Gear check volunteers ensure that all riders and their mounts are correctly outfitted for competition, according to Equestrian Australia rules.

More guidelines to come...



Canteen volunteers are responsible for preparing and selling food and beverages at the clubhouse. All food, beverages and equipment will be supplied by the club.

Morning Tea and Lunch for Judges

Volunteers are responsible for preparing morning tea and lunch for our judges. Our judges are very hard working people, so make sure to spoil them!


Scoring is one of the most essential volunteer jobs at RASDEG events. Scorers are provided with a calculator and are responsible for tallying the test scores. Each score is then entered onto the test results sheet.

Score Sheet Collection

A volunteer will be assigned to periodically collect completed test sheets from the judges, and return them to the scorers.