Gold Club

Like all good clubs, we are only as good as our helpers and volunteers.

When you join or re-join RASDEG, we ask you to set aside a competition day from our calendar for which you contribute to the running of your club as a non-riding volunteer.

Upon completing your volunteering at an event, you will recieve GOLD CLUB status. This status entitles you to the following:

  • Cheaper entry fees for RASDEG Competitions via a special code for Nominate (Cannot be used to clinics as we do not use Nominate as the booking system)
  • Eligibility for End of Year Awards

We hope you will be generous with your time to help the success of our events.

Please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator to organise your volunteer day.

Please note that if you volunteer for a committee or an ancillary position with the club in you automatically gain GOLD CLUB staus as it has been determined that most positions will accrue at least 20 hours of behind the scene organisation.