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RASDEG offer events which include, Members, Participant and Competitive.

A RASDEG member can ride any level of dressage test at a members day that has been offered on the Entry Form, and need not be a member of any other club, from Preparatory to Grand Prix level.

RASDEG Members days now also invite EA Participant members and are included in the same classes. Separate ribbons are offered to EA Participant member riders.

Equestrian Australia offer several levels of membership for individuals including Competitive and Participant.

An EA Participant member may compete at the following levels at RASDEG Club events, and their horse is not required to be EA registered.

  • Novice
  • Prelim
  • Prep
  • EA National Para-Dressage

An EA Competitive member must ride an EA registered horse with a valid bridle number and be a current financial member of Equestrian Queensland for RASDEG events.  An EA member can ride in Participant classes, but a Participant cannot ride in Official classes.

Link to the Equestrian Australia brochure explaining all the classes of membership details:

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