Championship & Awards

There are a number of Awards and Championships to be gained here at the RASDEG Club. To be eligible for any Award:

  • You must have been a RASDEG member prior to the 1st of July for the current financial year
  • Completed your Gold Club day
  • Minimum/Best four tests at one level on the same horse with the same rider at any RASDEG competition throughout the year
  • Only one Championship and Performance Award will be given; for example:
    • You get Silver then Gold Performance in Prelim - You will only recieve a Gold Prelim Award
    • You get Gold in Prelim and Silver in Novice - You will only recieve a Silver Novice Award
    • You get Gold in Elementary and Champion Elementary - You will recieve both.
  • You won't automattically recieve your Awards. At the end of the year before End of Year Presentation members eligible for awards will be displayed and you will be required to notify us that you would like to recieve your awards (to prevent wastage). Don't panic we will make sure you get this information when it is posted.


For the following levels:
Champion and Reserve Preparation
Champion and Reserve Preliminary
Champion and Reserve Novice
Champion and Reserve Elementary

For the following age groups:
Champion Master (55+)
Champion Adult (21-55)
Champion Junior (Up to 21)

Performance Awards

Silver: 58% to <63%
Gold: >=63%


Other Awards

Good Sport Award - Notably seen to be encouraging others
Highest % Across Any Test
Wendy Tidbold Award - Being A Good Member of the Club. This award was started by Jill Strachan to honor Wendys Legacy and all she has done for the RASDEG Club.
Prestidents Award - At Presidents Discretion
Impromtu Awards (TBD)